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“…so that they may be one, as we are one…” John 17:22b


The Ohio Council of Churches is one of the oldest state ecumenical organizations, having been formed in 1919 to promote Christian unity, to develop common programs, and to engage in social outreach. The next year, 1920, the Ohio Pastors Convocation (now the Ohio Ministries Convocation) was held for the first time and it has continued until 2013.

Among many strong leaders in the Council's formative years, the Rev. B. F. Lamb stands out as a true guiding force from its outset until leaving as its Executive Secretary in 1951. He and other initial organizers had their vision grow, so that today there are 18 denominations, 28 judicatories, 4,500 congregations, and 2,000,000 members.

While the vision of Christian cooperation and unity has held consistent through all these years, the manner in which the Council has worked has varied with the times. The Depression and WWII brought their challenges, as did the world's entrance into the Atomic Age. The struggle for civil rights and respect for personhood has been, and continues to be, important considerations for the Council.

A history of the Ohio Council of Churches from 1968-1992 can be obtained (at the cost of postage) by contacting the OCC office.  This is the history of the 24 years under the leadership of The Rev. Carlton N. Weber who is the author of this book titled Searching for the Church's Oneness:  Ecumenism in Ohio 1968-1992.

Tomorrow's issues are yet unknown, but the work of the Church must be ready for the demands of the world. There will always be a need to witness collectively, to worship corporately, and to manifest our common discipleship. That is the goal and commitment of the ecumenical partners that make up the Ohio Council of Churches. May God continue to bless our work together.

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