Legislative Brief

This is America. We All Can Do Better!

How Do We Reduce Mass Killings?

Does Ohio's Payday Lending Drive Families Into Long-Term Debt?


Legislative brief 4 (4-18-18) (pdf)


Legislative brief 5-18 Payday Lending (pdf)


This is America. We all can do better! 2018 (pdf)


Public Policy

Visiting your elected officials

1. DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Learn about the issue. Is the legislator on a committee that has jurisdiction over the issue? Has she/he taken a position on the issue?

2. PLAN TO KEEP YOUR REMARKS SIMPLE AND BRIEF. If helps to prepare a 90-second "speech" to explain who you are, what you are concerned about, and what you want the legislator to do. 

3.  AVOID JARGON AND INSIDER TALK. Legislators have many issues to consider. Don't assume they understand what initials stand for or how programs work.

4. INCLUDE A PERSONAL STORY.  If there is time, personalize the issue; illustrate what a bill would do by using a particular example.

5. BRING A FACT SHEET TO LEAVE BEHIND.  It should include your basic message, some key facts, and information about how to get back in contact with you.

6.  OFFER TO BE OF ASSISTANCE TO THEM.  Offer statistics and other information if you have it. Mention that you will be publicizing the issue and your visit with them. 

7. WRITE A THANK YOU NOTE. It helps to keep the door open for the next time.